March 3rd, 2011

Iron Man: Pepper/Tony

Volume 2, Issue 550

Challenges and Ficathons
Round #16 - Rules & Info at heroes20in20
Bad Fanfic Challenge - UPDATE at heroes_faves
"In Hindsight" Winners at heroes_contest

Fanfic: gen
The Speed At Which Time Passes by alexfoster451 (Angela, Noah | PG)
You Saved Us All - Part One by sylar (Sylar, Peter, Nathan, OFC | PG)
Booyeah by kidarania_nika (OMC(?), "me", Peter, Sylar, Claire, Gretchen, Angela, Noah, Luke, Hiro, Isaac, and the entire galaxy | R)
Noah Bennet: The Man with the Birth Plan by game_byrd (Noah | R)

Fanfic: het
Any Word Could Be the Last by ilcuoreardendo (Samuel/Vanessa | G)
How I saved the world through fantastic sex with Peter Petrelli by game_byrd (Peter/OFC | R)
How Hiro Saved The Day Without Causing The Bad Thing To Happen by gpgurl50 (Peter/Claire, Gabriel Gray, Hiro | PG-13)
The Lifesaver by amles80 (Angela/OFC | PG)
The Moments to Forever, 3/? by simply_aly (Sylar/Claire | PG)

Fanfic: other
We Wear Our Brains On Our Sleeves by jaune_chat (Olivia, Sylar | Heroes/Fringe | PG-13) by jackvelvet (Peter/Simone, Simone/OFC | M)
Until Crickets Guide You Back by liam22 (Peter/Sylar/Claire | M)

Peter/Hesam wallpaper by brandinsbabe
20 Elle icons by darkpalace

Daily #357 - Noah & Claire at heroespiclove
Daily #358 - Debbie by heroespiclove
Picture of Milo dancing
Daily #359 - House Guest at heroespiclove

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