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Volume 2, Issue 363


Heroes season four spoilers, posted by dream_infinity0
TV Characters You Say You'd Date

Challenges and Ficathons

Drabble Challenge #4 Winners announced at elle_luke
Banners for Challenge #13 Winners at syelle_100
Challenge 60 + Sylar Challenge 35 are now open at zacharyq_stills
Voting is now open for Challenge #59 + Sylar Challenge #34 at zacharyq_stills
Challenge 15, "Halloween," is now open at syelle_100
Voting is now open for Challenge 81 at paire_icontest
Challenge 82 is now open at paire_icontest
Challenge extension at pairechallenge
Voting is now open for Drabble Challenge #18 at heroes_contest

Fanfic: gen

I Have A Death Wish by impeterpetrelli (Peter | G | None listed.)
Therapy by morlockiness (Sylar, HRG | PG-13 | None listed.)
Changes by dracothelizard (Peter, Angela | PG | None listed.)

Fanfic: het

Behind Watching Eyes by maggiemalfoy (Peter/Claire | PG | None listed.)
No Prettier Fall (1/?) by turtle_goose (Sylar/Claire | PG-13 | Spoilers for season four.)
Sleepwalker (1/?) by kathryntheg8 (Sylar/Claire | PG | Language, mild violence.)
Through The Shadows (2/?) by tinuelena (Sylar/Claire, Peter, Hiro | R | Violence and mild sexual themes.)
Ghosts of a Future Lost by albion1919 (Sylar/Maya | NC-17 | None listed.)
Touchstone by redhillbones (Sylar/Claire | R | Violence and nonexplicit sex; non-con.)
Redoubt (1/?) by redhillbones (Sylar/Claire | NC-17 | Explicit violence and rape.)
Redoubt (2/?) by redhillbones (Sylar/Claire | NC-17 | Explicit violence and sexuality; Kinks are servitude, penance/punishment and caning.)
Summer in the Hamptons (12/12) by fromthebrain (Sylar/Elle | M | None listed.)

Fanfic: slash

Brief Flashes Of Light by torolulu (Sylar/Mohinder | R | Character death, sex.)
Peter's Game by sapphire17 (Sylar/Peter | NC-17 | None listed.)
E is for Empty Eyes by darksagegrl0 (Sylar/Peter | PG-13 | Language, some violence.)
In Wait by ladywilde80 (Mohinder/Bennet | R | Sexual imagery, angst, violence.)
Knowing by takhallus (Sylar/Mohinder, Samuel, Edgar, Lydia | PG | None listed.)
Best Day Ever by jaune_chat (Sylar/Luke | NC-17 | Slash, dubcon, violence.)
Lush by darkqueenmeg (Sylar/Luke | PG | None listed.)

Fanfic: other

Megalomania by razycrandomgirl (Janice/Matt!Sylar, Little Matt | PG-13 | None listed.)
New Life In The Stars by rosie1234 (Heroes/Firefly crossover | Elle Bishop/Simon Tam | PG-13 | None listed.)


Peter/Sylar recs by various; requested by evening_star


8 Hayden Panettiere icons in a multifandom post by laura_luvage
75 "Tabula Rasa" screencap icons by shemp_o2stk
77 "Ink" screencap icons by shemp_o2stk
34 "Acceptance" screencap icons by shemp_o2stk
5 Heroes icons in a multifandom post by andieshep
174 Heroes icons by lemomina
38 Hayden Panettiere, Ali Larter, Kristen Bell and Milo Ventimiglia icons in a multifandom post by laura_luvage
6 Heroes icons in a multifandom post by kateliciously
18 "Tabula Rasa" icons in a multifandom post by ilikethequiet
20 Zachary Quinto and Kristen Bell icons in a multifandom post by saltyleave


Heroes Randomness, or Fake!Peter playing football by smoke_monster (G)
Mylar and Vampires by piping_hot (PG)


4 Zachary Quinto pictures at the Laramie Project, posted by thefreshchuff
2 hi-res Zachary Quinto pictures, posted by mamozombie


Caps for 4x05 "Hysterical Blindness" and 4x06 "Tabula Rasa" in a multifandom post by kay_brooke


Russian Roulette by petitebelette (Sylar/Elle)


Claude tattoo pic by bigbadwolfeboro
Things That Are Awesome And Will Always Be Awesome About "Heroes" Picspam by margottenenbaum
Sylar/Claire Fanmix: Beautiful Nightmare by helholden


Episode Discussion Post for 4x07 "Strange Attractors" at heroes_tv


kathrynthegr8 is looking for transcript assistance.

You can reach us in the comments or at

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