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Volume 2, Issue 544

Challenges and Ficathons
Banners for Challenge 108 at zacharyq_stills
CHALLENGE #110 at zacharyq_stills
REMINDER: In Hindsight One-Shot Challenge at heroes_contest
Round #15 - Voting - Artist's Choice at heroes20in20
Round #15 - Voting - Category at heroes20in20
Round #15 - Voting - Themes at heroes20in20
Winners - Challenge #109 at zacharyq_stills
Banners - Challenge #109 at zacharyq_stills

Fanfic: gen
The Romances of Maury Parkman (Master Post) by game_byrd (Maury Parkman, Angela Petrelli, Patricia Pennington (OC) | NC-17)

Fanfic: het
The Ghosts of Monsters Never Fade by rebelle_elle (Sylar/Elle | G)

Fanfic: slash
Naming by anivad (Peter/Sylar | PG-13)
Welcome Home by rosasaurusreckz (Arthur/Nathan | NC-17)
The Other Son by crashgirl82 (Linderman/Peter, mention of Nathan/Peter | NC-17)
A Mercenary Life, ch 1 by kethni (Matt/Peter, Matt/Mohinder | PG-13)
The First Kiss by sylar (Peter/Sylar | PG)
One Nightmare After Another by sylar (Peter/Sylar | PG)
Hurt, Comfort and Sex by game_byrd (Peter/Gabriel | NC-17)
Angst, Drama and More Sex by game_byrd (Peter/Gabriel | NC-17)
*** by previous_one (Sylar/Mohinder | R)
Me So Horny. (Seriously.) by lornrocks (Peter/Sylar | NC-17)

Fanfic: RPF

Fanfic: other
Halloween 2010 fic collection at heroes_faves
Angela's Garden by amles80 (Sandra/Angela (Angela/omc, Angela/ofc, Angela/Noah and references to Angela/Arthur in the prologue) | PG-13)
Orgy for Great Justice by anivad (Everyone/Everyone | PG-13)

29 Peter icons by anivad
24 Kristen Bell icons by nutcola

Candid picture of ZQ from rolliraserin
2 ZQ pictures

Sendhil in a Funny or Die video
Sendhil video interview from back when 'SHOR' premiered
Milo at the Call Of Duty: Black Ops Launch Party
Milo's 2nd Temp Life Episode
Milo directing: The Responsibility Project

Girl Walks Into a Bar - World Premiere - SXSW Film Festival
Small Sendhil mention in an article
kikamontanez is organising a Comic Con meet up

You can reach us in the comments or at

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