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The Mad Murdering Cutthroat Slaughterer of Fandom

Volume 2, Issue 548

Info on Kring's new pilot

New Communities

Challenges and Ficathons
Drabble Challenge #27 // Sense at heroes_contest
Winners - Challenge #110 at zacharyq_stills
"In Hindsight" Voting Extension at heroes_contest

Fanfic: gen
Surprise Party by jaune_chat (Claire, Angela, Peter, Matt, Mohinder, Noah | PG)

Fanfic: slash
Where is my Runaway Love? by lornrocks (Peter/Sylar | PG)
All I Ask of You by lornrocks (Peter/Sylar | NC-17)
The Prisoner by game_byrd (Sylar/Peter | NC-17)
Dying by del_rion (Peter/Sylar | R)

Fanfic: other
Cruel Nature by amles80 (adult!Molly Walker/adult!Micah Sanders, Matt/Mohinder | G)

Icons and gifs of ZQ from various sources by rolliraserin
Peter/Sylar and Zach/Milo wallpapers by punk4life1315
24 Heroes icons in a multifandom post by letsey_x

Daily #353 - Nathan's press conference at heroespiclove
Daily #354 - Tracy & Micah at heroespiclove
Zach out and about in Berlin
Daily #355 - Eden & Bennet at heroespiclove
Twitter pic of Milo

Caught in a Bad Fanfic Poll by at heroes_faves

You can reach us in the comments or at

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