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Volume 2, Issue 552

Challenges and Ficathons
Challenge #112 at zacharyq_stills
Challenge reminder at heroes20in20
Voting for Challenge #111 at zacharyq_stills
Fandom Fest contest results at bamf_hesam

Fanfic: gen
The Haunted: Part 1 by emrharrison (Sylar | PG-13)
Don't Fear the Reaper by sylar (Sylar | PG)

Fanfic: het
Martial Arts and Other Arts by amles80 (Micah/OFC | PG-13)
10 Little Things That Claire Never Thought She Would Know About Gabriel Gray by 1bill_sookie (Sylar/Claire | PG)
Whatever it takes (12/?) by faythbrady (Sylar/Claire, Peter/Emma | PG-13)

Fanfic: slash
Forbidden by emrharrison (Gabriel/Peter | NC-17)
Joy by boudecia7 (Matt/Mohinder | PG)
Insight by boudecia7 (Matt/Mohinder | PG)

20 Kristen Bell icons in a multifandom post by ilikethequiet

Sylar fanvid by emrharrison

water333 is looking for Peter/Nathan fic recs

You can reach us in the comments or at ninth.wonders.editors@gmail.com

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