Iron Man: Pepper/Tony

Volume 2, Issue 543

Milo in 'Beastie Boys' short film
2 articles about ZQ's Margin Call at Sundance
News on Sendil's Shor

New Communities
charitypledge - a multifandom "buy it now" fundraiser for any/all charities

Challenges and Ficathons
heroes_exchange masterlist
Voting - Challenge #107
Round #15 - Reminder & MODS NEEDED at heroes20in20
Winners - Challenge #107 at zacharyq_stills
Voting - Challenge #108 at zacharyq_stills
CHALLENGE #109 at zacharyq_stills
Winners - Challenge #108 at zacharyq_stills
The Porn Battle runs until tomorrow
purimgifts sign-ups run until February 5th

Fanfic: gen
Mama Grizzly by jaune_chat (Angela, Elle | PG)
A Truckload of Ice by del_rion (Edgar, Ando Masahashi, Hiro Nakamura, Matt Parkman, Peter Petrelli, Tracy Strauss, Sylar | PG)
The Girl in the Shroud by sylar (Gabriel, Virginia and Martin Gray | G)
Forgive Me Father by flying_monkees (Gabriel | PG-13)
Do I Need A Resume? by sylar (Gabriel Gray | G)
Judge, Jury and Executioner by flying_monkees (Sylar, various others | PG-13)
Gimme an S, Gimme a Y.... by flying_monkees (Sylar | PG-13)
Shaking Things Up by flying_monkees (Sylar | PG-13)
It's Another Saturday Night by flying_monkees (Sylar | NC-17)
The Adventures of Matt Parkman: Master List by game_byrd (Matt Parkman, Janice Parkman, Matty Parkman, Maury Parkman, OCs | R)

Fanfic: het
all the old familiar places by margottenenbaum (Peter/Elle | light R)
Mend the Glass by paynesgrey (Peter/Niki, Peter/Gina | R)
Archangel by paynesgrey (Gabriel Gray/Elle Bishop, Noah Jr., Claire Bennet, Knox, Daphne | PG-13)
The Thrill is in the Chase by faythbrady (Sylar/Claire | Teen)
Learning the Ropes by cross_rubicon (Adam/Monia | PG-13)
Forget Me Not, 9/?, 10/? by oddbunny_dreams (Sylar/Claire | T)
Before the Company by amles80 (Angela/Charles, Angela/Arthur | G)
i hate myself for loving you by commen_sense (Peter/Claire | PG-13)
In Charge by amles80 (Noah/Elle | R)
Bridging the Gap (Part III) by redhillbones (Sylar/Claire | NC-17)

Fanfic: slash
Rescue Me, Dream Interlude 3, part 2/2 by dancingdragon3 (Sylar/Peter | NC-17)
Shadowboxing by flying_monkees (Sylar/Peter | PG-13)
The Diminshed by boudecia7 (Peter/Nathan | PG)
We’ll Wander Down Where the Sins Cry by brighteyed_jill (Adam/Peter | NC-17)
I Think I Love You by punk4life1315 (Nathan/Peter | PG-13)
Lies by wrenwatcher (Peter/Nathan | PG-13)
Moral Slavery, 3/3 by yasminezamanfan (Claire/Elle, with minor Claire/Gretchen and Elle/Gretchen | R)
And It Goes On and On by flying_monkees (Sylar/Mohinder | PG-13)
The View That Comes With You by visiblemarket (Peter/Claude | NC-17)
Obligatory Sex by lornrocks (Sylar/Peter | PG-13)
Slave Verse by game_byrd (Sylar/Peter | NC-17)
When I Call You Mine by kuwdora (Sylar/Peter | NC-17)
Red-Handed by lornrocks (Sylar/Peter | NC-17)

Fanfic: other
Bring Her Home by jaune_chat (Claire/Gretchen/Elle/Sylar | NC-17)
Lyle in Real Life by boombangbing (Lyle, Claire/Gretchen, Sandra/Doug, Sandra/Noah | PG-13)
Illusions by lornrocks (Candace/Michelle/Whatever, Sylar, Peter (technically) | NC-17)
Plane Between (9/?) by anivad (Sylar, other ZQ characters | PG)

20 Samuel icons by punk4life1315
20 ZQ by padabee
31 S1 icons by vampire_sessah
20 Claire icons by darkpalace
4 Peter/Sylar and 1 ZQ wallpapers by punk4life1315
20 Mohinder icons by graylikeme
20 Angela icons by penofdl
35 icons of Milo in Suite 7 by rolliraserin

HRG macro by dref22
Pictures of ZQ's new play, Angels in America
Twitpic of ZQ and others
Milo at Diorshow Hong Kong

My Boy, a Peter/Hesam vid by brandinsbabe
Sundance Film Festival 2011 interview with ZQ
More Sundance videos

Sylar prompt meme at heroes_sylar
Reviews of Margin Call
zacharyq_stills is looking for a co-mod
Heroes Memorial Kink Meme
Heroes rewatch poll at heroes_faves
Possible Heroes fan-run panel/meet-up at Comic Con
rolliraserin is selling Lucid issue 2

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Volume 2, Issue 542

Challenges and Ficathons
Challenge #107 at zacharyq_stills
Voting for Challenge #106 at zacharyq_stills
Voting at heroes_contest

Fanfic: gen
Acts of Kindness by game_byrd (Peter, Sylar, Angela, Claire | PG)
Another Family Affair (5/?) by jemmalynette (Peter | PG-13)
Cheap Laughs and Other Traps by la_dame_du_lac (Claude, Peter | PG-13)
No Other Way by rebelle_elle (Sylar | PG)
Hi, I'm high. HOW ARE YOU? by cheeerie (Peter, Claire | PG-13)
Wile E. Coyote Would Be Proud by sylar (Sylar, Nathan | R)
A Fork in the Road by themaskedmckay (Luke Campbell | NR)

Fanfic: het
Whatever it takes (8/?) by faythbrady (Sylar/Claire, Peter/Emma | NR)
Forget Me Not (8/?) by oddbunny_dreams (Sylar/Claire | PG-13)
The Company We Keep (28/?) by bluewhit (Sylar/Claire | PG-13)

Fanfic: other
Plane Between (8/?) by anivad (Sylar, other Zachary Quinto characters | PG)

heroes_exchange Entries (Authors not yet revealed):
Gratitude (Elle, Angela | PG)
Archangel (Gabriel, Elle, Noah, Claire, Knox, Daphne | PG-13)
Mama Grizzly (Angela, Sandra | PG)
Ownership (Peter/Sylar | NC-17)
Hurt (Sylar/Peter, Peter/Nathan | NC-17)
The Diminished (Nathan/Peter | PG)
The Other Son (Linderman/Peter | NC-17)
Eight Letters, the Fourth is an I (Matt/Mohinder | PG-13)
Topsy Turvy (Sylar/Claire | PG)
The Wolf at the Door (Sylar/Claire | NC-17)
all the old familiar places (Peter/Elle | R)
Bring Her Home (Claire/Gretchen/Elle/Sylar | NC-17)

24 icons in a multifandom post by punk4life1315

Hiro and Kensei drawing by ameu

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Iron Man: Pepper/Tony

Volume 2, Issue 541

News on the premiere of Milo's new film The Divide

Challenges and Ficathons
Reminder at heroes_contest

Fanfic: gen
Get Out Alive by ilcuoreardendo (Claire, Peter | G)
Ocean Soul by ilcuoreardendo (Nathan | G)
The Light Within by anonymous (Peter, Nathan, Claire, brief appearances by Angela, Linderman, Ted, Noah and Sylar | PG-13)
Brave New World by themaskedmckay (Noah Bennet, Claude Rains, Angela Petrelli, Matt Parkman | G)

Fanfic: het
The Moments to Forever (3/?) by simply_aly (Claire/Sylar | PG)
by ilcuoreardendo (Sylar/Maya | PG)
Mend the Glass by anonymous (Peter/Niki, Peter/Gina | R)

Fanfic: slash
The Road Not Taken by gpgurl50 (Claire/Gretchen, Claire/Elle | PG-13)
In Your Eyes by lornrocks (Peter/Sylar | PG)
We’ll Wander Down Where the Sins Cry by anonymous (Adam/Peter | NC-17)
Resolution by anonymous (Peter/Sylar | PG)
Sound of Hysteria by anonymous (Peter/Sylar | PG-13)

Fanfic: other
Lyle in Real Life by anonymous (Lyle, Claire/Gretchen, Sandra/Doug, Sandra/Noah | PG-13)

Daily #328 - Behind the Scenes at heroespiclove
Daily #329 - Peter & Sylar at heroespiclove
Daily #330 - Claire & Sandra at heroespiclove

Milo's The Temp Life episode
Zach at the drop and first Margin Call poster
Clip from Margin Call Miscellaneous

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Volume 2, Issue 540

Challenges and Ficathons
Challenge #106 at zacharyq_stills
Pinch hitters needed for heroes_exchange
Voting reminder at zacharyq_stills

Fanfic: gen
Absolution (1/?) by devilsduplicity (Sylar, Claire, Nathan, Peter | PG-13)

Fanfic: het
Whatever it takes (7/?) by faythbrady (Sylar/Claire, Peter/Emma | NR)
Forget Me Not (7/?) by oddbunny_dreams (Sylar/Claire | M)
Angels & Lovers (8/?) by obisgirl (Peter/Claire, Elle/Adam, Elle/Sylar, Claire/Adam | R)

Fanfic: slash
Hurt, Comfort and Sex by game_byrd (Peter/Gabriel, Hesam | NC-17)
Snippets by punk4life1315 (Peter/Gabriel, Noah, Angela, Claire, HRG, Hiro | PG-13)
Thin Line by trickylady (Peter/Sylar | NC-17)
Lesser Evils and Other Lies by kethni (Matt/Mohinder | PG-13)
Garden by boudecia7 (Matt/Mohinder | G)
The Road Not Taken by gpgurl50 (Claire/Elle, Claire/Gretchen, the Haitian | PG-13)

30 Kristen Bell icons in a multifandom post by orange_ninjas
32 Peter and Hesam icons by rtwofan
116 Milo Ventimiglia icons by ainerose

Kensei and Hiro fanart by ameu

iheartmacca is looking for Peter/Sylar fic recs

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Iron Man: Pepper/Tony

Volume 2, Issue 539

Heroes is still on the top ten list of most pirated tv shows in 2010

Challenges and Ficathons
Reminder at heroes_contest
Fandom fest submission post (part two) at bamf_hesam

Fanfic: slash
Dark by boudecia7 (Matt/Mohinder | PG)
Ego by boudecia7 (Matt/Mohinder | PG)
F by boudecia7 (Matt/Mohidner | NC-17)

Fanfic: other
Derezzed by lornrocks (Peter/Sylar | Heroes/TRON | PG)

49 icons in a multifandom post by imamonster
12 ZQ icons in a multifandom post by fujiyuko

Sylar by devilsduplicity

Daily #323 - Gretchen at heroespiclove
Daily #324 - Through Fire at heroespiclove

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Volume 2, Issue 538

Challenges and Ficathons
Round 15 sign-ups open at heroes20in20
Voting for Icon of the Year at zacharyq_stills

Fanfic: gen
Right or Wrong? by amles80 (Matt, Angela, Bennet | PG)
Happy New Year by eriksselest (Sylar | PG)

Fanfic: het
Not Quite Nabokov by airspaniel (Thompson/Elle | NC-17 | Collapse ))
You Were my World by sylar (Sylar/Elle | PG)

Fanfic: slash
Cab by boudecia7 (Matt/Mohinder | PG-13)
Rescue Me, Dream Interlude 3 by dancingdragon3 (Peter/Sylar | NC-17)
Moral Slavery (2/3) by yasminezamanfan (Elle/Claire | R | Collapse ))

Fanfic: other
Immortals on a Train by jaune_chat (Crossover with Lost | Adam Monroe/Richard Alpert | R)

10 Milo and Zachary icons in a multifandom post by rolliraserin
Heroes icons in a multifandom post by punk4life1315

ainerose is looking for an episode commentary with Milo Ventimiglia

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Iron Man: Pepper/Tony

Volume 2, Issue 537

Challenges and Ficathons
Reminder at heroes_exchange

Fanfic: gen
Three drabbles by sylar (Sylar, Mr Muggles | G)

Fanfic: het
The Killing Edge by tigriswolf (Sylar/Claire | PG)

Fanfic: slash
Moral Slavery, 1/? by yasminezamanfan (Elle/Claire | R)
Time of Giving by punk4life1315 (Sylar/Peter | PG-13)
The Birthday Gift by asmodesgold (Sylar/Peter | R)
Feets by capn_mactastic(Sylar/Peter | 15)
Blinded by the Light by green7silver (HRG/Claude | NC-17)
Home for the Holidays by kojonoyuri (Lyle, Claire/Gretchen | G)
Pause by boudecia7 (Matt/Mohinder | PG)
Oneg by alexfoster451 (Claire/Gretchen | PG)
Books by flying_monkees (Sylar/Peter | PG)
Sirens Call by flying_monkees (Sylar/Peter | PG-13)
Apple Pie by boudecia7 (Matt/Mohinder | G)
Bedtime Story by boudecia7 (Matt/Mohinder | PG-13)
The Tiger and The Eagle by kethni (Matt/Mohinder | R)
The Arrangement, And Other Disasters by kethni (Matt/Mohinder | 18)
The Courtship Rituals of An Evil Scientist by kethni (Matt/Mohinder | PG-13)
Tiger by brandinsbabe (Peter/Hesam | G)
Clean up on Aisle Five by sylar (Sylar/Gabriel | R)

Fanfic: other
Plane Between, 7/? by anivad (Sylar, other ZQ characters | PG)
Sylar Santa by kojonoyuri (Matt/Audrey, Molly, mentions of Mohinder/Sylar | G)
Taskforce: Christmas by kethni (Matt/Mohinder, Audrey/Nathan | 18)

23 ZQ icons in a multifandom post by lemonrocket
Claire Bennet icons in a multifandom post by myownparody

Elle/Claire fanart by alexfoster451
Hesam fanart by themaskedmckay
Peter/Hesam fanart by themaskedmckay

Suite 7 stills

A short ZQ video
How to Save a Life, a Peter/Hesam vid by rtwofan
Nathan and Peter Petrelli - A Kiss for a Goodbye by oaishiteruo

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Near Dark: bb!Pasdar

Volume 2, Issue 536

Ali Larter Gives Birth to Baby Boy

Challenges and Ficathons
Banners at zacharyq_stills
Submission reminder at heroes_exchange
'Not about love' winners at heroes_contest
'Not About Love' banners at heroes_contest

Fanfic: gen
I Am The Law by sylar (Sylar, Noah, Parkman, Angela and Nathan | R)
Known But Forbidden by tigriswolf (Sylar | PG)
Light Not Hidden Under A Bushel by jaune_chat (Micah, Monica | PG)
Only Angels Have Wings by eriksselest (Sylar, Gabriel | PG)

Fanfic: het
Dangerous Toy by jaune_chat (Sylar/Elle | NC-17)
Sylar And Claire Don't Make A Porno by lenozzedifigaro (Sylar/Claire | R)

Fanfic: slash
A Wing and a Prayer by flying_monkees (Sylar/Peter | G)
Fun and Games by flying_monkees (Sylar/Peter | NC-17)
Expect More by kemokage (Sylar/Peter | PG-13)
Awkwardness Abounds by didnttakestars (Sylar/Peter | PG-13)
Baby, It's Cold Outside by lornrocks (Sylar/Peter | PG)
Colder by sanetwin16 (Elle/Claire | PG)
Understanding is Everything by ryuosen (Sylar/Peter | PG-15)
The Kids Are Alright by lotus0kid (Peter/Claude | PG)
Not so bad after all by darlingicequeen (Sylar/Peter | R)
Thrown Together, Ripped Apart, ch.8 by starrdust411 (Matt/Mohinder | PG-13)

6 Milo icons by rolliraserin
Peter/Dean (Supernatural) wallpaper by no_ones_sleep
KBell and ZQ icons in a multifandom post by nutcola
20 Sylar/Elle icons by sidriel

Stills from Suite 7 (web series starring Milo)

You Will Always Find Him In the Kitchen at Parties, a Sylar/various vid by heidi8 (PG)
Interview with Sendhil at the 7th Dubai International Film Festival
Zach's Before/After Christmas special
Suite 7 minisode

Submission post for the Christmas And New Years bamf_hesam Fandom Fest at bamf_hesam
New tag at heroes_sylar

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Iron Man: Pepper/Tony

Volume 2, Issue 535

Challenges and Ficathons
Voting at heroes_contest
'Fork in the road' challenge at heroes_contest
Winners - Challenge #105 at zacharyq_stills

Fanfic: gen
You Played Me. Again by bitchwithabite (Sylar, Noah Bennet, Eden McCain | PG)
Just a Little Power by bitchwithabite (Sylar, Claire Bennet, Jackie Wilcox, Peter Petrelli, Noah Bennet | PG-13)
Satan's Road Trip by sylar (Sylar, Mohinder | PG)
Escape by eriksselest (Sylar | G)
I'm Doomed by sylar (Sylar | PG)
Written in Crayon by jaune_chat (Nathan, Angela | PG-13)
Portcullis by eriksselest (Sylar | PG-13)
Oracle by tigriswolf (Claire, Molly | PG)
Shiny New Toy by flying_monkees (Sylar | PG)
We Should've Waited For Backup by flying_monkees (Sylar | PG-13)
The Two Gabriels by sylar (Sylar, the Angel Gabriel | R)

Fanfic: slash
What to Expect 3/3 by lotus0kid (Peter/Claude | PG)
The Five Years of Christmas Stalking by ibonekoen (Sylar/Peter | R)
Systematic, Verificable, Sequential, Continuous by anivad (Sylar/OMC | NC-17)
Thrown Together, Ripped Apart, ch.7 by starrdust411 (Matt/Mohinder | PG-13)
Feathers by capn_mactastic (Sylar/Peter | NC-17)
Pristine by jaune_chat (Claire/Gretchen | PG-13)
Grandparents (2/2) by starrdust411 (Mohinder/Gabriel | PG-13)
Love is for Poets by sylar (Sylar/Peter | PG)
Democracy by amles80 (Matt/Mohinder | PG)
A Christmas Carol Heroes Style by punk4life1315 (Gabriel/Peter | PG-13)
Five Times Peter and Sylar Were Interrupted and One Time They Weren't by lornrocks (Sylar/Peter, Claire/Gretchen | R)
What the Future May Bring by zagethe (Sylar/Peter | R)
Something Important by lily_chase (Peter/Mohinder | PG)

Fanfic: other
Hidden behind a silver veil by ryuosen (Sylar/Peter, Sylar/OFC | PG-13)
Paging Dr Bishop by sylar (Sylar, Walter Bishop | Heroes/Fringe | PG)
Redemption is a Process, ch. 26 by zagethe (Sylar/Claire, References to Sylar/Mohinder, Sylar/Elle | Mature)

Peter/Hesam wallpaper by brandinsbabe
3 Sylar/Peter wallpapers by adnawun
Peter/Claude gifs by visiblemarket

Sylar's crossover soulmate by sylaire87 (Sylar/Jack | Heroes/Lost | G)
Sylar/Peter manip by therisingmoon (PG-13)

The Temp Life Episode 1
The Temp Life Episode 2
Your Sweet Six Six Six, a Sylar/Peter vid by punk4life1315

Mod post at milo_fans
Mod post at milo_fans
The Naughty or Nice Hesam Meme at bamf_hesam
Rules post at milo_fans
Hiatus post at zacharyq_stills

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Iron Man: Pepper/Tony

Volume 2, Issue 534

New Communities
kink_las - a LAS (Last Author Standing) community based on Kink, which includes ALL fandoms!
crossovers_las - a LAS (Last Author Standing) community based on Crossovers, which includes ALL fandoms!

Challenges and Ficathons
Challenge 105 reminder at zacharyq_stills
Reminder at heroes_contest
Reminder - Winter 2010 Event at heroes_faves

Fanfic: gen
Home Is Where Your Heart Might Be by adnawun (Sylar, Peter | M)
The Creed by eriksselest (Sylar | PG)
Pretenses by trythepancakes (Charlie Andrews, Gabriel Gray | G)
I'm a Practical Monster by sylar (Sylar, Claude | PG)
Sunday Driving on a Thursday Afternoon by eriksselest (Sylar, Peter, Noah, and Claire | PG)
I'm an excellent driver by sylar (Sylar, Ando, Bennet | PG)
Seek You Out by i_want_2 (Peter, Simone, Ma, Claire, Isaac, Nathan, Sylar | adult)
Fire Is Shiny Too by bitchwithabite (Sylar | R)
Guardo! La Regina Di Tempo! by eriksselest (Gabriel, with mentions of Virginia and Martin | G)
It'll Be Our Secret by sylar (Gabriel, Martin Gray | G)
Darkness, Redness, Whiteness by eriksselest (Gabriel, Brian, Virginia, “Mom”, Samson, and Sylar | PG-13)
Void by butterflyweb (Peter, Sylar | PG)
If You Can't Stand the Heat by sylar (Sylar, Bennet and Claire | PG)
I Have Sinned by tarnishedhero (Future!Peter | PG)
Alternate Means by eriksselest (Sylar [with Arthur and Angela mentioned] | G)
30 Seconds by eriksselest (Sylar | PG)
Agreements by therisingmoon (Sylar, Peter | PG-13)
Satiated by eriksselest (Sylar, Gabriel | PG)
Who Says Christmas has to be Spent with Family? by bitchwithabite (Noah Bennet, Gabriel Gray, Elle Bishop | PG)
Neurology, Psychology, Sociology – It’s a Bunch of Psychobabble Bullshit by bitchwithabite (Sylar | PG)
Ceramic by eriksselest (Sylar, Gabriel | PG-13/R)
Seven Slices of Pie by sylar (Sylar, Gabriel, Elle, Luke, Peter | PG)
Not About Love by rebelle_elle (Elle, Bob, mentions of Noah Bennet and Gabriel | G)
Mother is the word for god by sylar (Sylar and Angela | PG)

Fanfic: het
Conundrum by sanetiwn16 (Sylar/Elle | PG-13)
Normal Dreams by amles80 (Angela/Arthur, Adam | G)
Bridging the Gap (Part II) by redhillbones (Sylar/Claire | NC-17)
No Romance Here by ibonekoen (Peter/Niki | NC-17)

Fanfic: slash
Not Her Blood by paynesgrey (Claire/Gretchen | PG)
Of Blood and Explanations by capn_mactastic (Chandra/Gabriel | Teen)
In My Bunk by capn_mactastic (Sylar/Peter | NC-17)
Just a Glimpse by ilcuoreardendo (Mohinder/Sylar | R)
Plumber's Crack by asmodesgold (Gabriel/Peter | R)
What to Expect (1/3) by lotus0kid (Peter/Claude | PG)
Mending Broken Fences by flying_monkees (Peter/Sylar | PG)
I Think I've Run Into You by lornrocks (Peter, Sylar/Gabriel, eventual Sylar/Peter, mentions of Angela, Matt, the Haitian, and others | R)
What to Expect (2/3) by lotus0kid (Peter/Claude | PG)
Incomplete Pass by sylar (Sylar/Peter | PG)

Fanfic: other
Plane Between [6/?] by anivad (Sylar, other ZQ characters | PG)
Jitters by hushangels (Sylar/Danny | Heroes/Blind Dating | G)
We’ll Never Sleep (God Knows We’ll Try) by hitlikehammers (Nathan/Juliet | Heroes/Lost | NC-17)

HRG/Pokemon icons by sylar
Elle/Claire wallpaper by alexfoster451

HQ stills from Margin Call (ZQ's new movie)
Characters Unite Event (Sendhil)

Suite 7 trailer (web series starring Milo)
Video of Sendhil on The Today Show
Elle/Claire - Strange by duckiboos

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